The way forward for Shan Ad.

The Shan masala ad., much-hyped throughout Ramadan, was undoubtedly something all of us desis could relate to. The sad Umer in vilaayat missing ammi and her food on Eid and the caring Bhai going off the way from getting Shan masala and ingredients to preparing the gourmet dishes (Sindhi Biryani and Tandoori Chicken *drools*) and presenting it to Umer became household favorites in Ramadan. See the ad here: Shan Masala Ad

Shan Collage

The ad not only filled tears in the eyes of those living abroad but also was a huge emotional hit with the local audience. Within all those emotions, one thing the ad. successfully imprinted in the audience’s mind was that Shan masala was available across the globe and could come to a solution everytime a Pakistani expatriate wanted homelike food.
But even with the spot-on emotional appeal, amazing background music, and unique plot; the ad will go in back of the mind of all audience and be forgotten within no time. So, what to do now?

Well, here are a few suggestions Shan foods can take from marketing students like us and do wonders.

After the great ad, another great thing Shan foods can do is not let people forget Umer, Bhai and ammi that they kept seeing throughout Ramadan. They can do this by making a carry-forward ad (like the movie sequels). The audience would like to see Umer and Bhai returning to Pakistan and meeting ammi after (say) 5 years. Then ammi would cook their favorite food after tasting which they won’t be able to hold back their tears and finish till they eat their fingers off (ungliyan chaat’te reh jaayain ge). And then ammi lovingly makes the guys sleep in her lap and thanks Shan masala in her head. With the Pakistani audience, mother’s love and an emotional ad can never go wrong.

Shan Foods can further take the story forward in the third ad where Umer and Bhai are shown cooking different recipes using Shan masala. This way, the branding of Shan masala as the ultimate solution for cooking for both amateur and professional cooks would be enforced. It would come out as a sigh of relief for women tired of making and mixing masalas, and as a magic wand for all the amateur cooks.


Farewell; moving forward!

I still remember the time when I entered here for the first time. I was as carefree as always, even though it was a matter of my career. Just as I crossed the gate, a green campus with red-bricks’ building came in front of my eyes. It was raining, so the greenery looked even more ravishing. I, along with all students who came for the entry test, headed towards the auditorium. The place was giant and beautiful. It was so cold that even the warm auditorium couldn’t take the chills off. Shivering in our seats, we took the test. Just as we finished the test, we headed to cafeteria to fulfill our crazy wish of having ice-cream in that cold. What we didn’t know that time was that it was a just the beginning of all the craziness and the journey that awaited us would be filled largely with crazy stuff. Sukkur IBA truly mesmerized all of us that day.

Time has flown so hastily ever since.

Whenever I go back to the flashback and return to the present, I find two differences.

That day it was raining; today its 46 C 😛

That day it was my first test; today it’s my last exam 😦

Such a bittersweet feeling. To be sad for the end or to be happy for a beginning, that’s the question. 4 years spent. It was different yet beautiful, uncertain yet amazing. I can’t ever forget my group of friends without whom the journey would have been like an lost match, the classroom jokes which kept us alive during the boring-est of lectures, the hunger emergencies which used to occur to me more often than others, the library which we seldom visited, the time in IBA and then outside, there is so much we all would miss.

In these last days here, I want to do so much – deal with undecided matters, mend the broken hearts, and complete the underperformed acts of wisdom. On my mind today is all what has started and ended in the past four years. I’m thankful to IBA who made me realize what I am and what I’m not. I got my first chance to be a trainer, traveled to Turkey, became the most seen anchorperson of IBA (I remember people telling me that they are tired of watching me on stage again and again) and received bundles of applauds and millions of criticisms.

People asked me today whether I was sad on my last day or happy. I’m happy to start a new phase of life; however it might turn out to be. But I’m sad to leave such respect-giving (read the exact opposite) friends who generously filled my life with so many colors; the yellow color of brightness, the red of love, the white of ease (the unmatchable comfort), the blue of truth and the green color of self-growth. My life would have been colorless without them and I’m sure no one can add the same colors to it. They are the greatest gift IBA could have ever given me.

The entire 4 years have been unforgettable and for that, I believe some credits are in order. To all my teachers, you’ve taught us more than the subjects; a way of life. You’ve chiseled our abilities and played a part in bringing us up to where we are now. To all my classmates, we’ve come a long way together. I wish you all fight well in the big wide world, touch the sky and still remain just as humble. Farewell buddies. Trust me, each and everyone of you is special and will be missed.

It is never easy for me to say goodbyes. So I’ll just ask everyone to stay in touch. See you all on reunions every year. All my good wishes reach out to you. These moments will never return, all we can do is never let the memories fade away.

Thank you once again for four very happy years!