Good – See, Be, Do! #ItsTimeToChange

The other day a teacher of mine sent me this wonderful practice done by an African tribe where when a member of the tribe does something wrong, he/she is taken to the center of town and is surrounded by the entire tribe. For two days they tell the person every good thing he has ever done. Behind this practice is their belief of every person being ‘GOOD’ from the origin and committing mistakes in the pursuit of safety, love, peace, and happiness. They see these mistakes as cry for help, so they unite to cure their fellow by reconnecting him with his true self and making him remember the truth from which he’d temporarily been disconnected: “I AM GOOD”.
I was pretty amazed by this idea and wondered whether it will work in our world. Yes, I do believe that everyone is good from within, good in at least some role of their life. But accepting one’s mistake comes as a result to realizing it. When a master talks cruelly to his servant, he thinks it is the right of his position; when children talk to their parents in slang, they justify it by labeling themselves ‘new generation’; when a student argues with a teacher for trivial things, he says he’s fighting for his rights. Thus, we get to see a lot of people continuing their wrongdoings due to lack of realization.
Moreover, majority of us have turned into selfish beings thinking for ourselves and not concerned for what happens in others’ lives. We would very rarely spare time for the good of others. Spending two days insulting a person looks easy to us but telling him good things he did for two big days would be hard for us. But only when we ponder over the idea of “what goes around, comes around”, we will be more considerate towards others. The aforementioned practice could be an ideal one for us wherein not only the person committing mistake is taken out of the sin harmlessly, but others also get to participate in an act to retain humanity within them.