The loudest life lesson!

I woke up in the morning to see my mother waiting for me. She had to discuss something very important. I went to her and after a serious conversation, I was asked to consider my options and take my life seriously. So there I was, deciding between studies or job, or something else, if studies then which courses, if job then which company, if marriage then which boy. There were so many thoughts, so many dilemmas. Suddenly my phone vibrated.

I was shocked to hear what the person on the other end of the call told me. All my plans, my discussions with my mother in the morning, everything I ever thought about my future seemed meaningless. A few minutes earlier, my dear friend SK had told me of a girl almost my age passing away. Sid was an event organizer, a person I had seen in a lot of pictures but never met. Her accident two days prior to her death had been a tragic news and now her death was a news difficult to believe.

I recited Quranic verses for her and left for office after some time. But the more I tried to shake off the thoughts of the death, the more the realizations struck me. Meaningless materialism, unpredictable life, images of friends and family fading, scenes of people sitting with her in a cafe and the next day with her corpse, a multitude of thoughts crowded my mind and disturbed me to the core.

So I thought of pouring this out in words and sharing it with you all.

We think we have so much time. Time to show love, time to tell truth, time to accept people and feelings, time to be ourselves, but deaths of people around us are reality checks. And specially when we see very young people dying all of a sudden, its a reminder louder than anything. A reminder that life is unpredictable and all you have is NOW.

We make so many plans for our future and so many associations with people. Dresses, meet-ups, studies, jobs, travels, weddings and what not. But death defeats everything, literally EVERYTHING. You never know if you’ll be able to wear that wrist watch you spent a fortune on or eat at the place you’ve planned to go the next day after much longing. No point of forming enemies because when you die, you’ll leave behind people talking ill about you and not praying for you. Friends you give your life for will remember you for maximum an year or on very special occasions. When you’re gone, everything would go with you.

No keeping things in heart, no delaying things, less associations, less expectations and most importantly “LIVING IN THE MOMENT” is what Sid’s death has taught me!



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