The not-so-real reality shows

Hello lovelies,

I hope all of you brave people out there are coming out as winners in every battle of our life. Now before I write this short story of mine, I must mention here that I don’t intend to offend any person or profession, nor is it necessary that all my opinions are agreed upon. I found it important to mention this little note because what I’ll be writing might reveal some hidden secrets of the media industry.

Recently I participated in this famous singing “reality” show where thousands of want-to-be singers like me participated. The first round of that competition was in my small town where I, along with 12 other contestants, was selected. It was all smooth and real until I got ‘yes’ from the two audition rooms. After that, I was told to ‘act’. First I was taken to the registration booth and asked to act as if I’m entering and chest sticker is being placed. That part was easy, I did that. I was then asked to act for a lot of scenes. In one of them, I had to show that I was practicing songs, in the other I had to look as if I was nervous before entering the audition room and in others I had to show happy and sad expressions on getting selected and not getting selected. So much for a reality show!

Then came the time for the second audition which was held in the city of lights. I was all excited for the auditions with high spirits and higher hopes. We were told that we had to reach the hotel at 9:30 am, which we did. Around 40 contestants who were selected from 2 cities were to be auditioned that day so I roughly estimated that we would be free by 5:00pm. But what happened there was a different scenario. The auditions of participants from 1 city (PSW) started around 5:00pm and ended by 10:00pm. We waited, waited, kept waiting. The morning, afternoon, evening passed and we still waited. After a wait of almost 15 hours, our auditions took place at 1:00am. Such mismanagement came as a shocker to me. Now I do not intend to say that there was a partiality between the two cities, because there wasn’t any. What I would just like to convey is that our celebrities have started acting like our politicians (coming late and making the contestants and audience wait) and our media people have mastered the art of hiding the misses and highlighting the catches (showing the excited crowd, not the tired, pissed off faces).

But even after all this wait and messed-up-mood, I would praise the channel which was sponsoring the reality show. They were very considerate, providing quality food in lunch and dinner and caring for our comfort throughout the day. Overall the experience of waiting for more than half of the day, socializing with a variety of contestants coming from different backgrounds and observing the operations of media industry first-hand was good!

One thing that I’ve learnt and that I wish I would not have learnt is that “reality” shows are not very real. I used to watch reality shows a lot, which ‘I guess’ I’ll still do. But all those scenes of excited, nervous, crying, insulted contestants will not amuse me as much. Somewhere in my mind I’ll always think that their emotions are mere acting skills and will consider them unreal.

By the way, the set was very well-decorated. For all of you, I’m sharing two pictures of the set. Watch and enjoy!