Elections 2013; my first vote

I casted a vote yesterday. My first vote ever.  The feeling of casting my first vote was so different. I felt so responsible, felt like I was literally doing something for my country, something for myself.


A night ago I was so excited for I felt emotionally attached to Imran Khan. Our family was going to vote for a local candidate (based on the caste, language, area) but I had pledged that my vote would be for a vision, not for a person. I was asked again and again by my father to vote for the candidate they supported but eventually he stopped insisting, realizing that their candidate was going to win anyway and my passion will subside after I see the results.


The election morning, everyone got ready to put their right to vote into use. The right to decide who would rule upon us. I checked my facebook’s updates, tv channels, tweets. The voter turnout was beyond expectations. Everyone I knew (except my language and area-bound relatives) was voting for IK. I knew he wouldn’t win from our area because all people saw here were candidates, not parties but I wanted to satisfy my heart that at least I didn’t vote for the wrong guy. So I went into the polling station, inked my thumb blue, and secretly voted in against of my family’s will and in favor of my heart’s.


Till the evening, the news channels had started announcing the results. They were disappointing but I was still happy because I knew a leader still exists amidst us. Even if IK did not win, in IK I trusted and I’ll continue to do that.
At this point, I can’t imagine the state of country for next five years but to lose heart now is not the remedy. I agree that change does not come overnight but IK has ignited a spark and this spark will go a long way. IK has given us enough hope to keep us going. Let’s not prove to the bystanders that this passion of ours was just a fad and let us not allow it to subside. People! Let’s wear this new outfit of democracy and hope it suits us this time. But along with that, let’s keep the struggle going and come back next elections with even more force.
All those who are still drenched in sadness, read this lovely post by Mango People:




2 thoughts on “Elections 2013; my first vote

  1. Elections showed that Pakistan is definitely changing, having a political shift, more than ever AWARE youth speaking and steadily acting. I wish the change is for good, and I wish we’ve had a changed system too. #OurSystemRots *p.s not denying altogether that I’m a part of it*

    • Hoping for the best too. The ignited spark will surely light up the whole country in next elections. Till then, let’s give every party a chance to prove themselves and wait for the right time to take action again. Fingers crossed!

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