Autograph please!

I was reading this diary my classmate Maria gave me for an autograph. There were a number of other classmates who had scribbled in that diary before me. I read the reminiscence of the best moments of their university life and went down the memory lane. I remembered the times our classes were cancelled suddenly for some un-announced seminars and workshops (oh how I loved those unexpectedly gotten free classes), I missed the times when we missed the bus and stayed in the university till the evening to eat and chatter, I wondered whether the fear of entering the library (looked like a haunting place to me), the joy when a teacher was absent, the thrill of those lovely exam days, the fun of those class activities and so much more that was a part of our routine would ever come back. I love being a student. It’s only a week remaining to our graduation and we’re going to enter a new phase of life. But that means I’ll have to grow up and be mature and act rationally in matters; some things I don’t really prefer. But only if we had an option. I remember the movie “Hook” where Peter Pan and his friends lived in Neverland and never grew up.


May for us is the month of final exams, farewells and lots of autographs. For those who find it a bit difficult writing autographs, I’ll tell you how to do it. If you like the ideas, take them. If you don’t, please be kind enough to let them stay here for someone else might come to take them.


  • Don’t be all I-wish-you-this and I-wish-you-that. It’s good to include a little wish in an autograph as a gesture of goodwill but don’t just fill a whole page with wishes. Your friend does not see you as a priest.
  • Don’t be formal as it isn’t a letter to the Dean or a proposal to the investor. Write as if you’re talking to that person in real. If you call him “yaar” or “jigar”, please don’t go with clichéd “dear” in the autograph.
  • Don’t forget to quote concrete incidents that happened with your friend. When the friend reads the diary in the later period of his life, those exact scenes will go through his mind and he’ll smile like nothing else. That’s what you want, don’t you?
  • Paste pictures, draw cartoons, or even make a little comic strip. There an uncountable ways where you can add flavor to your autograph rather than just writing everything in plain writing.
  • Remember it is bogus to write “Remember me always”. Instead, you can write “I won’t ever let you forget me” or “If you forget me, I’ll be after you like anything”. Add a personal touch to everything.
  • Last, don’t ever refuse if anyone asks you for an autograph. Those few pages will be a part of you he/ she will always remember. PLUS it will serve as a gift from you to your friend. What’s better than giving a gift you don’t have to pay for? 😛

Writing autographs in diaries and slam books is something that will never be old. This custom is actually a part of farewell that’s exactly why it still prevails in spite of the growing trend of text messaging and social media. After a few years when your friend will come across the diary while going through her shelf or clearing material from his room, he/ she will definitely go into a flashback (read Dumbledore’s Pensieve) and smile for a long long time.



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