Love her, Love her not?

You must have heard that dialogue ‘when you get injured, it hurts me’. I’ve always heard heroes telling that to heroines. But yesterday I really felt it. Not for my hero (though I’m in an awesome relationship) but for a heroine. Don’t think I’m THAT type *wink wink*, I’m proudly straight from origin. Coming back to the point, the girl was my SISTER. My always-annoying, fat-like-a-hippo, kid sister.
I thought I literally hated my sister. I mean she downright irritates me to the core when she keeps laughing for hours for no particular reason, when I’m talking to my fiance and ask her to get lost but she remains standing there grinning, when she wants to wear my clothes and jewelry but ends up destroying them. Her pampered ego is already such a tough nut to crack, above that she manages to gain baba’s sympathies and undeserved attention.

But yesterday when she was standing there with her wounded finger making one of those innocent faces and faking her crocodile tears, it came! I saw the blood dripping and it hurt me! I was surprised at the feeling and then it dawned upon “I love her, maybe”. So I ran to help the brat and yelled at her to shush down. And it was all settled in no time. The blood, the bandaid, the sisterly love, everything!

Today, I think I love her. Or maybe loathe her a little less. I’ve seen her turning into a nurse when I get ill, turning into an adviser when I can’t find matching shoes and jewelry and remaining a brat all the remaining times. The tom-and-jerry fights we have are irreplaceable, the secret plans we make to surprise mama and baba on their birthdays could not be the same with anyone else, the way I find her beautiful when she wears my clothes is unexplainable (though I tease her a lot :P) and the relation we share couldn’t be more special.

Sisters are precious!

This goes out to everyone! Sisters are not THAT bad. Trust me. Been there šŸ˜€


If you think you love your siblings a little much, go and hug them right away!


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