My recent brush with NIMUN ’13

12 highly motivated students boarded the bus to cover a 17-hour journey from their small town to experience what were going to be the most exciting 4 days of their life. Looking forward to take many memorable moments from this experience, off we headed to NUST International Model United Nations 2013 (NIMUN ’13).
We passed the journey singing songs, sleeping half the way, watching “The Pink Panther” and getting challaned by the motorway people once 😀

The first ones to arrive at the hostel, we were given the privilege of choosing which bed mattresses we wanted. By the way we were staying in a hospital ward-like room common room and 30 girls were to be accommodated with us in the same room. Not really happy with the accommodation, I still looked forward to the next days sessions and the social events.




The opening ceremony was decorated aesthetically with white tents; green, blue and white balloons representing the NIMUN logo colours; packed with around 1000 students coming from around the world. We were welcomed by a number of experienced speakers, where Mr. Aizaz Chaudhry told us the surprising fact of MUNs coming into the world before the League of Nations itself. Something out of his speech that stuck in my mind was “students who come unprepared find themselves severely handicapped”. I don’t know why it felt he was pointing to the category where I belonged 😛

The Chief Guest Akram Zaidi who was next to speak told us very interestingly why they focus on organizing MUNs “we have United Nations (UN) with divided nations, we have security council that creates more insecurities, so MODEL is what we’re still commending.”



In the evening, everyone dressed up in the cultural dresses of the countries assigned to them, ours was Iran. It was a treat to visit stalls of other countries displaying their culture, food and performances. An amazing first-time experience for us was to walk on the ramp portraying Iranian cultural apparel.



When I entered the committee, the environment was so learning-oriented that I realized I have to kill my heart remain concentrated towards the chair (the moderator) and the fellow delegates (coming from different countries) all the time. I was really surprised to see the professionalism and the rules of the game strictly being followed. “Let diplomacy be your argument” was the tag line and that’s exactly what everyone practiced  I realized the truthfulness of the statement “Diplomacy is to tell someone to go to hell in a way that he looks forward to the journey.”
Every day, we used to buckle up and refill our energy bags to attend the committee sessions. They were so thought-provoking yet so tiring. But some events awaited us daily in the evening which refreshed us for the next day’s sessions.




A festival of fun and frolic, girls and boys screaming their lungs out on the giant wheel, people savoring their taste buds with delicious BBQ and some just giving the dose of beautiful music to their souls; the carnival was charmingly decorated like the small town melas. Girls dressed up in colorful and vibrant colors while boys relaxed in jeans and tees. The event ended with Punjabi and Pushtu rap by the students and very unwantingly, we left for our hostels.




The formal dinner was no less a delight. We met in a ravishingly decorated area, all glammed up for a 1920s theme dinner. I was awestruck at the first sight of the place, there was an antique-looking car (I wonder where they managed to get it from), mannequins dressed in silk and chiffon, ladies eloquently dressed in flapper dresses and men looking handsome in tux, the red fluorescent lights adding the wow factor to the place and everything that made it ‘pure vintage’. Sinking in the beauty of the area, I moved towards where the aroma of food came from (had to mention it being the foody I am :P). After feeding my stomach, I took some pictures of the area and the 1920s themed me and off we headed to walk through the cold roads to our hostel.




On the last day, we got ready for the surprise event. The arena awaited us!
The tableau on “Peace” performed by NUST Dramatics and Debating Society had all the audience to their feet and lauding. The flying lanterns, which followed the performance, was another move by the organizers to inflict the gesture of unity and peace.
And with this, 4 exciting days came to an end!



The organizers truly deserve a lot of appreciation for all the effort they put in. The event organised by a team of NUST’s final year students pulled off amazingly.
The decor team never ceased to surprise us with their creativity and the photographers covered the proceedings so well, relentlessly taking amazing pictures. All in all, the event was a huge success, a platform where ideas were shared and bonds were formed.

NIMUN ’13!

Hip hip hurray! *screams*


12 thoughts on “My recent brush with NIMUN ’13

    • The criterion was GPA and communication skills. Yes, it was an opportunity I would have regretted to miss. Do try attending an MUN at least once. They’re amazing!

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