The anonymous answer

Back in 2010, a luxurious airplane of “Air Blue” crashed in Islamabad and resulted in deaths of hundreds of people. The whole nation was deeply saddened by this unfortunate incident and prayed unconditionally for the deceased. In those days, I remember, there used to be news broadcasts of the family of deceased telling their traumatic stories but some interviews which specially gained my attention were of those few people who had decided at the eleventh hour not to board that airplane. One of those lucky fellows said, “I just had the gut feeling that something was not right.” Another one said, “My mother told me she felt something terrible was going to happen.”

Intuition as seen by Bill Gates

Intuition as seen by Bill Gates

This gut feeling which some also call “intuition” is actually an anonymous answer that comes to people from unknown sources and in this case, it became the life savior for some.

Some call it sixth sense, some say it’s a psychic ability and some consider it magic. In actual, intuition is backed by an experience or number of experiences which have occurred in the past and remain in the subconscious throughout the life. At the time of decision-making, people can’t identify the base of this answer and if this decision proves to be right, they term it as miracle or prediction. This capability, however, is not anything more than connecting the dots. It is only the power of understanding things and linking the relation of ‘A’ and ‘B’ without thinking about it. Just because the intuitive ones do not go through considerable thought process, they feel they have made baseless decisions. But if we critically analyze (to be very formal :P) “intuition”, it does have a base and it is a product of a bunch of experiences that stay there in your subconscious without you knowing it.

Intuition, when asked to define by my mother, was that ‘weird feeling’ that she had when my sister was young and she rushed to her bed in time to catch her falling from bed. Intuition was that unknown worry that caught me when my aunt called me to ask about my baba’s whereabouts and  half an hour later, we got to know of his accident. Intuition was when the all the experts at P&G concluded after thorough research that a certain product should be launched but the CEO went against them all and the decision brought high profits to the company. These and many other instances suggest that no matter how insignificant or silly the intuitions seem, they should be considered in decisions.

Concluding with a statement I read somewhere,

When the intuition yells at you, listen to it!

Trust your gut